I got a call from a friend recently who wanted to change her lifestyle and pursue her photography full time.

Becky spent days combing through advice scattered throughout the internet on how she could grow her Photography business, and to no one’s surprise, she was met with awful advice.

After about a two-hour call, we came up with a game plan that, in only two weeks, gave her awesome results.

Priority #1, Leads

We covered Facebook ads, Google Search ads, how her website could be made better to convert and more, but the one major idea I wanted to leave her with was her Google My Business.

If you’re unfamiliar, Google My Business listings look like this:

They commonly generate 3x as many leads as the organic listings beneath them. That makes them the most effective form of lead generation by far.

The Advice That Worked

As of this writing, Becky hasn’t implemented everything I told her to (we’re working on that), but all it took for her to rank second for “Senior Photography Seattle Washington” was:

  1. Setting up her Google My Business with her brand name and keywords
  2. Getting good reviews

That’s all it took and she skyrocketed to this ranking.

I have to impress upon you that these are highly atypical results. From my time working with an SEO agency I found that many businesses took a full year to get these rankings.

What you should take away is that in some low-competition industries, small changes can make a hug difference.

Advice Yet To Be Followed

Those simple changes won’t help everyone who tries them, and if Becky isn’t careful, it wouldn’t be surprising if her rankings fell. For these rankings to stick, or even improve, here are a few more tips:

1. Make a profile and get reviews on listing sites that show up when searching your target keyword.

You can see here that both Thumbtack and Yelp show up. Getting an active profile on these listing sites will be helpful.

2. Make a page dedicated to your keyword on your website

Right now Becky’s home page covers that she’s a natural light portrait photographer who specializes in senior portraits. For a home page, this is awesome.

To get better rankings, she should have a dedicated page about her senior photography. It should have a bunch of photos (obviously), but also should have dedicated content around senior photography to boost the page relevance. Yes, linking to blogs is nice, but there should at least be some content on the page about senior photography.

If you want to get more technical, the tag and should both include “Seattle” and “Senior Photography”