A few wins in my career

If you take a glance at my LinkedIn … you’ll see quite a few different positions/ companies I’ve worked for.

I’m here to quickly summarize a bit of what I’ve done, and what that can mean for you.

Bottom Line

  1. Extensive lead gen experience, especially in high-cost verticals like legal and insurance
  2. Full funnel experience, building and testing landing pages, positioning consulting and ad buying
  3. Results oriented. Only caring to report on revenue, not leads
  • Grew local lead gen agency Develomark's Google Ads program from 6 clients to 18 in 6 months. Mostly dealing with local lead gen clients spending between $1500/mo - $50,000/mo
    • Handled everything from landing pages, media buying and client facing reporting
  • Contracted with a legal lead gen agency for a few month handling $100k/mo+ budgets (under NDA for the whole thing unfortunately)
  • Worked as a media buyer for Perfectus Labs , an invite-only agency dealing with > $100k/mo budgets across search and social marketing

And now some more specifics:

Taloflow hired me as their head of growth in August 2021. I took their marketing efforts from essentially zero to consistent leads. I still work with them on a consulting basis.

I did this through:

  1. Building an SEO strategy to capture terms like “AWS S3 alternatives”
  2. Craft viral posts for industry social media “Hacker News” [1 , 2 ]
  3. Run extremely low CPL Reddit Ads
  4. Run Google Ads to capture F500 executives doing research and get them on calls

Pro Locksmith is a locksmith located across major metro areas in the southeast US. They relied almost exclusively on Google Ads for their business. Since working with them, I have 3x’ed the revenue from their Google Ads (now spending $60k/mo+) and increase profitability by 30% for every dollar spent.

I did this through:

  1. Generating unique landing pages for nearly every keyword
  2. Connecting their CRM to Google Ads for more accurate measurement and optimization
  3. Relentless testing and continual optimization

Ron Weiss Is a bankruptcy / debt attorney in Long Island. I dropped his CPA from $800+ to $150. Here'ss a landing page I use

Joey Hernandez Insurance dropped from $200 to $70 CPA while increasing lead volume for SR22 insurance. Check out the landing page that converts at 30%

Garrett Lea from High Rock Water gave me a $500 budget to start his business. He did $20k in his first month

Twin Plumbing doubled their revenue with the same ad spend within a month of working with me.

High ticket coaching client ($10k/mo ticket prices) was struggling to scale. I took their ad spend from $20k/mo to $100k/mo with stable lead costs on YouTube ads.

Tax resolution ad agency launches new clients in hours, not days, with a custom-built landing page CMS

Rad Spy is a SaaS company I built in 3 weeks. I ran cold traffic from Meta ads to this page with a ~$12 lead cost and ~$25 product-sign-ins.


The product really isn’t that sticky. While I’ve broken even and have customers using and paying for the tool, I’m not currently pursuing growing revenue.

It was a great exercise to see what worked, and what didn’t.

Google released the “ad library” to see all the ads competitors ran which also took wind out of my sails.

All in all, the next product I release will either solve a much bigger problem, or be a “magic pill” that requires no work to implement.

Easy Landing was the SaaS I built to teach myself how to program. It allows you to take any website and make the content dynamic with a WYSIWYG editor. I still run many of my client landing pages through the system, allowing them to have dedicated landing pages for each keyword.

Hearty Data is a platform that I built to feed ad platform’s AI with better data. On accounts spending $300k/mo we’ve seen increases of 15-25% ROAS.