This article covers high level ideas about off-hours campaigns

  • Why do it
  • How to implement
  • When to avoid it

What’s an off hours campaign?

Most local lead generation accounts do one of two things:

  • Only run during business hours
  • Run the same campaign on all hours

This isn’t optimal.

Only run during business hours? Lose searches.

Run the same campaign on all hours? People are going to go to voicemail and then call other people.

Make a new landing page and explain yourself

The best off-hours campaign explains to users what they’re going to get.

While low volume, this campaign in particular campaign is:

  • Converting at 35.6%
  • Getting leads 40% cheaper than during the day

Don’t try this if…

This strategy only works when a prospect is okay getting a call the following day. This strategy won’t work if:

  • Your clientele are time-sensitive. Think: locksmith, mold, plumbing etc
  • Your clients aren’t good at follow ups